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600 b.C. Phillistine Warrior

The Philistines were a warlike people of Canaan, they were living a band that was spreading on the mediterranean coast from Echron up to the south of Gaza in times of the Israelites. They introduced the employment of the iron, whose manufacture they learned of the Hitites. His monopoly of this metal provided them a military superiority for centuries. His political organization had five centers of goverment in, Asdod, Ascalon, Gat, Gaza and Echron, each of them with his respective prince. The Philistines conquered the Canaanites, with whom later they were mixed and about the year 1050 b.C. submitted the Israelites, those that they defeated in Ebenezer, they got hold his Ark and devasted Silo. The Philistine name comes from the hebrew (plishtim) that means "invaders". When the Israelites were located in the zone, the invaders from the Aegean Sea came and were located on the coast of the zone, by what the Hebrews called them plishtim;of there the name of Philistines and possibly that of Palestine until today.

ALYMER catalogue ref. 06/1

54 mm white metal figure, assembled with tin welding; some figures may have small pieces of brass or copper. Hand-painted toy soldier with glossy finishment, matt finishment by request. Not contractual photography to being a craftsman product. Hand made produced and painted in Spain.

Product Options

White metal casting

REF: T05400061KF

Immediate delivery

7,50 EUR
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Assembled figure

REF: T05400061BF

Three days delivery

10,00 EUR
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Hand painted

REF: T05400061PF

One week delivery

18,50 EUR
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