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Officer of Frederick the Great’s 6th Regiment of Hussars, Prussia 1760

The figure is that of an officer of the 6th Regiment of Hussars from Frederick the Great’s army, during the Seven Years War, 1756 – 1763. In this conflict Prussia faced a formidable coalition between Austria, France, Russia, Saxony and Sweden. 

The hussars, light cavalrymen from Hungary, were incorporated into the Prussian army in 1721 with the creation of two Hussar Corps. Frederick recognised the courage of the hussars as light cavalrymen and pressed for their recruitment. In 1741 five regiments were organised, principally from Polish deserters. Four more regiments were created between 1744 and 1758. 

As an elite corps, the hussars attracted audacious horsemen to the Prussian cavalry, and the hussars continued to wear the traditional Hungarian uniform, richly decorated with golden trimmings. The effectiveness of the hussars in Frederick’s army can be judged by the large number of promotions and decorations awarded.

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