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1200 a.C. Mycenaean Warrior

The Mycenaean aqueos represent the first Greek civilization, his domain spread over the Mediterranean from 1600 to 1200 B.C. The aqueas society were very organized into a hierarchy: The kings were exercising a despotic power and were living in palaces solidly strengthened as that of Micenas. They were lovers of the war and of the hunt, were using weapon of bronze and war chariots. They were devoting themselves actively to the piracy and to the trade. They managed to expand to Rhodes, the coast of Asia Minor and Cyprus, turning this way into the owners of the principal marine routes of the Mediterranean. After the capture of Troy, the Mycenaean kingdoms entered decline.

ALYMER catalogue ref. 08

54 mm white metal figure, assembled with tin welding; some figures may have small pieces of brass or copper. Hand-painted toy soldier with glossy finishment, matt finishment by request. Not contractual photography to being a craftsman product. Hand made produced and painted in Spain.

Product Options

White metal casting kit

REF: T05400080KF

Immediate delivery

7,50 EUR
(Tax not included)

Assembled figure

REF: T05400080BF

Three days delivery

10,00 EUR
(Tax not included)

Hand painted

REF: T05400080PF

One week delivery

18,50 EUR
(Tax not included)