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Musketeer, 2nd Company, King’s Household, France_1727

The Corps of Musketeers was created in 1615 by Louis XIII as a personal guard, recruiting the 100 most intrepid, resolute and bravest of a unit of Carabiniers. In addition to being battle-hardened, they needed to be exceptional musket shots and swordsmen, skills the monarch valued above military discipline.

The Musketeers were under the direct command of the monarch and enjoyed his complete trust. They were known as Musketeers of the King’s Military Household. 

Throughout the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XVI, the Musketeer Corps would vary in size and equipment. In the 18th century it was formed by 2 companies, each consisting of 250 men.

They played a decisive and courageous role in numerous conflicts. In times of peace they served the king as couriers, palace guards and as a royal escort. As men of action they were quarrelsome and habitually participated in quarrels and duels.

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